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We have been delighted with the service provided to our students by Andrew and Marielle. They have welcomed two groups from our school – one at GCSE level and one at A level and both have gained significant benefits from their stay at in Bourgogne.


The organisation was excellent. Every effort was made to be flexible and adapt to the level and needs of the students. Both teachers liaised closely with the school and preparations were thorough with parents well informed as to the state of progress. Safeguarding procedures were followed fully and the School was happy to promote and support this venture as far as possible.


In France, travel was provided to the location and the students loved the beauty of the scenery and the perfect weather! The accommodation was good and the programme included stimulating visits to local towns, castles and other sites of interest as well as evening activities, which the students tell us that they enjoyed. Andrew and Marielle clearly aimed to make the study both linguistically and culturally valuable, so as well as full exposure to French through constant target language use, students were provided with useful grammar lessons covering a variety of skills and at mealtimes students were encouraged to sample a range of local French cuisine, which they certainly appreciated.


On their return, students spoke fondly of the above and were very positive about the experience, considering, as we did, that their French had improved markedly as a result. We would be very happy to recommend this excellent cultural and linguistic experience.


R Chatburn, Head of MFL St Edwards School, Cheltenham


“J’ai apprécié les sorties et il y a trois qui se démarquent pour moi. Premièrement la petite ville de Druyes avec son joli paysage et son côté historique, par exemple le lavoir où l’eau était bien fraiche. Puis la journée au lac parce que c’était reposant et j’aime nager (nager dans la piscine à Toucy était genial aussi). Finalement la sortie aujourd’hui à Auxerre car la ville était vraiment animée et j’ai pu faire des courses ce qui est un de mes passe-temps préférés ”

“Je trouve qu’être entouré par le français en France était très utile...”

“En cours de français j’ai appris beaucoup

de grammaire et de vocabulaire de la langue française. La grammaire me permet de m’exprimer mieux et m’aidera à faire des progrès plus rapidement...”

J'adore la campagne!

“Je pense que la région est très jolie. La maison de campagne est jolie aussi et bien équipée avec tous les jeux.”